Today visualizing Wi-Fi traffic is more or less limited to console windows and analyze different logs from an aircrack-ng toolset. There are some commercial tools, but if we want to stay in the Open Source area we need to find better solutions. So we used ELK stack to gather, hold, index and visualize data and a modified version of an airodump tool for input. With this you can create amazing dashboards, correlate some interesting data and do some deep digging for Wi-Fi packets. It gives hackers and also administrators a quick view into Wi-Fi space and offers a range of new possibilities to get interesting data really fast. One half of the talk will be dedicated to a presentation of how this can be done, telling you about some issues that we had and solutions to them, while the rest of the talk will be demonstrating the true power of our research.

Milan Gabor is a Founder and CEO of Viris, a Slovenian company specialized in information security. Milan is a distinguished and popular speaker on information security. He has previously been invited to speak at various events at different IT conferences in Slovenia and loves to talk to IT students at different universities. He also does trainings on ethical hacking. He is always on a hunt for new and uncovered things and really loves and enjoys his job.



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