Status update

| February 17th, 2016

Here are some quick updates from our side:

    • We closed CfP on the 10th of Februrary, but … if you are planning to visit BSides Ljubljana and haven’t submit your presentation in time, still feel free to do so – but we will not promise you anything. Communality driven dynamics – everything is possible.
    • We managed to prepare list of presentations/talks based on best CfP submissions we got in time. This list is still being updated (hopefully we will just add talks and not remove them, but unfortunately there were some cancellations in last 72h). Current talk list is version 1.2.
    • Final agenda is still in progress – hopefully it will be ready at least a week before the event
    • CLTRe joined BSidesLjubljana as supporting sponsors – thank you! Creating community event (free for everyone like BSidesLjubljana) is not easy, so we would really appreciate if we can get some more sponsors to cover all our costs.
    • THANK YOU to participants who actually bought “Supporter” ticket.
    • Next batch of FREE tickets goes out on the 26th of Februrary at 10AM (CET).
    • Traveling abroad is never easy or cheap, especially if you have to make last minute reservations. We’ve reserved a limited amount of tickets to make it easier for you. To get one, send us an email to “tickets [at] bsidesljubljana [dot] si” or get in touch with us via Twitter (@BSidesLjubljana) and let us know where you are from, and why you’d like to come.

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