BSides Ljubljana 0x7E0 ended, we hope everyone survived and got home safe and sound after after-party. BSides Ljubljana core crew is slowly recovering from last three stressful months. As you might noticed we are slowly publishing video recordings and slides of talks. We are still waiting to get all the slide decks (hint hint – reminder for some of the speakers).

We received also first event reviews / feedbacks. If you are blogging / tweeting about it – let us know, we will be happy to share it. Final postmortem hasn’t been done yet, but first feedbacks were extremely positive (once again). It’s nice to hear from others that something in infosec community is going on here in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Once again we thank


Counting days: T-7

| March 2nd, 2016

Final preparations in progress and here are updates from our side:

  • FREE tickets went out in two batches and were gone in less than 12h. We are SOLD OUT.  However, we do have a waiting list which is active and working well. With each ticket cancellation, there is a good chance you can get ticket if and only if you are on waiting list. If you are without a ticket and you prefer not to wait on the waiting list we still have supporter tickets available.
  • If you already have a ticket, but you know that you cannot make it to BSidesLjubljana; please please let us know (email: tickets[at]bsidesljubljana[dot]si,  twitter: @BSidesLjubljana) or cancel it yourself via Eventbrite.
  • If you have a ticket and you’re coming to BSidesLjubljana – have you considered joining Capture the flag hacking contest?
  • If you have a ticket and you’re coming to BSidesLjubljana – how about giving a <10min talk in lightning talks slot? Lightning talk registration is already open.
  • We are happy to announce that Arnes,, SI-CERT and Viris have become our biggest supporters!

Things to note about the waiting list:

Once you have registered please note that Eventbrite doesn’t send a confirmation email, so don’t go click happy, once is enough and you don’t get multiple tickets the more times you click.

When a space becomes available you will get an email with a link, if you follow the link and it doesn’t work then it means you have missed the time window and you are put back on the waiting list. If you manage to get a ticket then please tweet about it, that way people still know the list is moving.

Once again keep in mind:

If you already have a ticket and you’re not going to come, please let us know, so we can give your ticket to someone else on waiting list! Thank you!

Status update

| February 17th, 2016

Here are some quick updates from our side:

    • We closed CfP on the 10th of Februrary, but … if you are planning to visit BSides Ljubljana and haven’t submit your presentation in time, still feel free to do so – but we will not promise you anything. Communality driven dynamics – everything is possible.
    • We managed to prepare list of presentations/talks based on best CfP submissions we got in time. This list is still being updated (hopefully we will just add talks and not remove them, but unfortunately there were some cancellations in last 72h). Current talk list is version 1.2.
    • Final agenda is still in progress – hopefully it will be ready at least a week before the event
    • CLTRe joined BSidesLjubljana as supporting sponsors – thank you! Creating community event (free for everyone like BSidesLjubljana) is not easy, so we would really appreciate if we can get some more sponsors to cover all our costs.
    • THANK YOU to participants who actually bought “Supporter” ticket.
    • Next batch of FREE tickets goes out on the 26th of Februrary at 10AM (CET).
    • Traveling abroad is never easy or cheap, especially if you have to make last minute reservations. We’ve reserved a limited amount of tickets to make it easier for you. To get one, send us an email to “tickets [at] bsidesljubljana [dot] si” or get in touch with us via Twitter (@BSidesLjubljana) and let us know where you are from, and why you’d like to come.

BSides Ljubljana tickets

| February 5th, 2016

While attendance is FREE, you still need a ticket.

Tickets will go out in two rounds:

  • February 5th, 10am (CET),
  • February 26th, 10am (CET).

.. and yes, the amount of tickets is limited. Please see tickets page for more details. Keep in mind that besides the free tickets there are also supporter tickets available, that helps us cover some of the costs. Be supporter or if you are a company, consider sponsoring us.

BSidesLjubljana Hiring List

| February 2nd, 2016

Are you a job seeker, a freelancer, a student, a company searching for new talent or just looking for interesting opportunities? Come to BSides Ljubljana and check out our Hiring list and meet face to face with future employer.

.: Companies / potential BSides Ljubljana sponsors :.

BSides is full of talented enthusiasts, that are passionate about their work, that’s why it is a perfect opportunity for you to find a great fit for the position you have open.  You can post open positions here, we will then share the list with the participants. Then you just can’t miss coming to the event, promoting the open positions, meeting great people and checking out what is going on! We are sure you won’t regret it!