We will cover our take on mobile app security from basic methods to advanced. While developing our encrypted communication app Biocoded we had to be paranoid about our security. During this talk we will share some of the methods we employed to ensure top-to-bottom security. At the beginning we will look at standard principles of protecting the application and it’s data. Then we will move on to the advanced stuff such as encrypted signatures, forgery protection, distributed keys for data protection and end-to-end data encryption.


Co-founded Biokoda d.o.o. in 2008. Lead software architect for Biocoded with lead roles on multiple other large scale projects. Started off by designing and integrating distributed systems and backends that need to have high availability uptime. Such systems include streaming backends, distributed file stores and soft-real time systems.

For the past few years his field of work was researching and integrating security elements and solutions.

Most of his and his teams work got gathered in the Biocoded Hybrid VoIP Communication platform which is the showcase product of Biokoda. Primarily works in Erlang and Elixir. He loves open-source software. He’s also a cycling addict and an aquarist with a few gorgeous discus fish.

Contact him on:

  • https://si.linkedin.com/in/denisjustinek
  • https://twitter.com/djustinek
  • https://about.me/djustinek



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